Trade & Customs

Trade & Customs: Mitigating Risks and Achieving Business Outcome

ACQUIS’ Trade & Customs team, consisting of recognised practitioners, academics and government affairs experts, has more than 60 years of combined Europe-wide experience across virtually all elements of the international trade, WTO and customs spectrum. 

Members of the team have advised sovereign governments, global market players and cross-border businesses on some of the most renowned trade precedents. Our team delivers solutions to clients on the most complex, challenging and unprecedented EU and international trade policy, trade defence and customs mandates.

The team regularly engages with the EU institutions, while our EU trade litigators regularly create landmark legal precedents in the EU Courts. Our innovative approaches benefit clients, mitigate risks and achieve sustainable business outcomes.   

With the new waves of sanctions, economic security measures and geopolitical tensions reshaping global supply chains, prompting new legislative tools such as carbon border adjustments, foreign investment screening, control over foreign subsidies, and creating uncertainty for cross-regional business, ACQUIS’ Trade & Customs team offers not only a choice in the path to follow but also the confidence of trusted advisors along the client’s route – and relevant top-notch expertise and solid experience, every step in a challenging way. 

Particular Services:

  • EU Trade Policy analysis and monitoring, bilateral relations
  • Free trade agreements and negotiations
  • GATT/WTO Agreements, mechanisms and dispute settlement
  • Market access strategies
  • Trade defence/trade remedies – anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguards
  • Trade aspects of foreign investment screening
  • Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism
  • Foreign subsidies control/financial contribution and specificity analysis
  • Non-tariff and regulatory barriers to foreign goods and services
  • Preferential tariff regimes and preferential origin, optimisation of supply chains 
  • Customs tariff classification/tariff rulings
  • Rules of origin/origin rulings
  • Tariff suspensions
  • Investigations of customs fraud
  • Trade aspects of Brexit and special status of Northern Ireland