Public International Law

Acquis advises governments, international organizations, and private entities on complex issues of public international law

ACQUIS’ Public International Law team is comprised of seasoned experts with extensive experience in advising governments, international organizations, and private entities on intricate matters of public international law.

Drawing on deep knowledge of international treaties, state responsibility, diplomatic immunity, and international dispute resolution mechanisms, the team provides comprehensive advice to clients operating in a globally interconnected legal landscape.

Particular Services:

  • Representing States and Entities in International Disputes
  • Providing Legal Opinions on International Law Matters
  • Advising on Investment Protection and Bilateral Investment Treaties
  • Assisting with Compliance with International Human Rights Obligations
  • Advising on Environmental Law and Transboundary Issues
  • Offering Counsel on Maritime and Territorial Boundary Disputes
  • Providing Guidance on International Trade Law and WTO Disputes
  • Assisting with Diplomatic and Consular Law Matters
  • Advising on Customary International Law and State Practice