Foreign Direct Investments & Foreign subsidies

Foreign Direct Investments

Our Foreign Direct Investments & Foreign Subsidies team, with a strong focus on EU law, provides comprehensive guidance to clients navigating the complexities of foreign investments and subsidies within the European Union. Leveraging our deep understanding of EU regulations and policies, we assist clients in evaluating investment opportunities, complying with EU rules, and addressing potential challenges. As this section is currently under development, stay tuned for tailored services that will cover the EU’s evolving landscape of foreign investments and subsidies.

Particular Services:

  • Advising on the EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening Mechanism
  • Assisting Clients in Complying with EU Investment Regulations
  • Analyzing Implications of Foreign Subsidies on EU Markets
  • Providing Strategic Counsel on Investment Structuring and Compliance
  • Evaluating Risks and Opportunities for Foreign Investors within the EU
  • Guidance on Navigating National Security Concerns in EU Investments
  • Offering Insights into EU State Aid Rules and Implications for Investments
  • Advising on EU Competition Law Aspects of Foreign Investments
  • Assisting with Notifications and Approvals for Foreign Investments in the EU
  • Staying Abreast of Evolving EU Legislation and Directives in the Field