Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution, Treaty arbitration, International investment law, Investment treaty arbitration

Global Disputes

ACQUIS offers client-centred, in-depth expertise on international investment law and commercial and investment treaty arbitration. Our team of highly qualified practitioners and academics excels in navigating the intricate landscape of international investment law and complex arbitration procedures, particularly in disputes involving international sanctions and with an EU nexus. 

At ACQUIS we treat every case as a bespoke project and provide meticulous analyses, craft persuasive arguments and complement dispute resolution procedures with strategic client interest advocacy to ensure our clients’ investments and interests across jurisdictions.

International investment law & Investment treaty arbitration

ACQUIS advises and represents investors and governments in investment treaty arbitrations under bilateral or multi-lateral trade and investment agreements before international tribunals.

Particular services:

  • Assessing and developing tailored pre- or post-establishment investment protection strategies for foreign direct and indirect investments.
  • Advising governments and investors on host state domestic state measures’ compliance with international investment law and other public international law obligations such as WTO commitments.
  • Assisting in the drafting of investment protection agreements and tailored dispute resolution clauses in PPP’s and commercial contracts.
  • Arbitration-related domestic litigation in support of complex arbitration issues, such as anti-suit injunctions, appointment disputes and jurisdictional objections.
  • Investment dispute mediation and negotiation procedures under multi-tiered dispute resolution provisions.
  • ISDS procedures under applicable treaty provisions.
  • Recognition & enforcement of international ICSID and NYC arbitral awards in domestic courts.