Valerijus Ostrovskis is the managing partner and head of the sanctions and export control practice of Acquis EU Law & Policy. He has extensive experience advising clients – leading multinational companies and foreign governments – on UN sanctions, EU sanctions and export control rules, as well as various other aspects of EU trade law and policy. He has advised European and international companies from a wide range of sectors on compliance with EU sanctions against Russia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Somali and other jurisdictions, and assisted clients in designing and implementing compliance sanctions and export control compliance programmes. Valerijus is recognised by clients and peers for his in-depth knowledge of sanctions and export control rules and his practical, clear, and business-oriented advice regarding the application of these rules to specific transactions and activities in a wide range of sectors.

Valerijus also regularly represents clients in cases involving complex  legal questions of EU law before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Commission. He also advises and represents clients from a wide range of sectors, including technology, transport, tobacco, banking and finance and manufacturing, chemicals and fertilizers – in EU legislative and policy-making processes. He has designed designs and contributed to new models of corporate and foreign government representation in Brussels, including the setting up and management of various business councils and industry associations and federations, amongst other things. 

Valerijus holds an LL.M degree in Law and Economics from the University of Rotterdam and the University of Bologna, and a Masters of Law degree from the Vilnius University.

He is a qualified lawyer and member of the Lithuanian Bar Association and the of Brussels Bar (E-list).

He is fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Italian and French.